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Why choose Phung Horwood?

Well researched, high quality reports while placing an emphasis on client relationships…

“Don’t settle for a Depreciation Report that just shows up in the mail.”

At Phung Horwood, good client relationships are an important part of the overall scope of a Depreciation Report. We strive to produce reports that are consistently well researched and are specifically tailored to the end user.

Just as important as having a Depreciation Report, it is equally important for the Strata Corporation to be able to implement, understand and afford the funding plan. In order to accomplish this goal, an open and mutually beneficial relationship must be fostered and maintained between the Strata and the Reserve Planner.

Our reports are detailed and complex but methodical, thus making them user friendly. We use a combination of narrative descriptions, tables and photographs to help illustrate future maintenance and reserve requirements. A draft copy is submitted to the Strata Corporation for review and discussion, and the final report is available via hard copy, PDF or our secured client portal. Of course, we are always available to discuss the report and clarify any details before, after, and during the process.

Diverse skill sets, contributing to a well rounded approach…

Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in the areas of commercial property appraisal and construction engineering. In addition, we have completed the educational requirements for the CRP designation. We have extensive experience analyzing financial statements, budgets and pro forma and are able to present complex financial information in a clear, understandable manner.

Phung Horwood provides functional Reserve Fund Studies which can be described as a financial document incorporating not only a financial analysis, but also, a physical analysis of the improvements and a review of the Strata Corporation’s operation of the Reserve Fund.

Through our diverse experience we are able to deliver reports that have been analyzed from different perspectives and benefit from the areas of expertise within our team as well as our expansive network of connections.

Local Expertise…

Phung Horwood is based in Greater Victoria and well connected with local construction experts and other relevant service providers. This allows us to utilize local construction costs as opposed to general data and industry averages.